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Deceased donor organ transplant is a nascent endeavor in India. Most liver and kidney transplants in this country are from living donors. bLifeNY applauds the efforts of organizations such as Shatayu to educate the public about the incredible gifts given when one becomes an organ donor. See this heartwarming story below as well as their wonderful video. Thank you Niksha. Thank you Shatayu. Thank you India.

Brain Dead teacher donates organs, helps 5 live longer 

Late Smt. Niksha Talsaniya

Late Smt. Niksha Talsaniya

Setting an example while undergoing a personal loss, the family members of a deceased school teacher, who was declared brain death after a brain hemorrhage, have donated her organs.

On the 19th of April, while doing her regular household chores, Niksha suddenly started feeling dizzy and fell down unconscious.  She was immediately rushed to V.S. Hospital.  Despite a surgery to save her, she suffered a hemorrhage and was declared brain dead on 23rd of April.

Mrs. Niksha Talsaniya, 47, a primary school teacher at R.M. Advaryu School in Vasna, gave a new lease of life to five others on Tuesday.  Her only dream was to give her son higher education and help him secure an MBA degree.  His son Mr.Gunjan recently got a job in Divya Bhaskar 5 days back.  She was elated with her son’s achievement.

Her son, Mr. Gunjan says, “I will dearly miss my mother.  She was the centre of my life.  But I find solace in the fact that she will continue to live on through others who have received her organs”. 

The relatives were recovering from the shock when they chanced upon Shatayu’s poster on organ donation in the hospital.  They instantly decided to donate Niksha’s organs and called up Shatayu’s helpline number.  The counselors Mr. Maulik Shah and Mr. Kaushal Shah rushed to the hospital and explained the relatives about organ donation, brain death and the entire process of donating organs.  The relatives readily agreed and Niksha was immediately shifted to IKDRC, where her two kidneys, liver and corneas were retrieved.  The kidneys were given to two people of ages 25 and 52 respectively..  The liver was given to 52years old lady.  According to doctors, the cornea retrieved from Niksha’s brain-dead body has been used in two blind patients, and it had positive results.

Her husband, Mr. Akshay Talsaniya says that his wife has given the best gift to humanity by donating her organs.

Always the first to arrive and last to leave, she was known for her punctuality and discipline and had a deep affection for her students.  Mr. Natwarlal Talsania her father in law says, Niksha had a heart of gold and was always willing to lend a helping hand to the needy. 

Shatayu”, a non profit organization, is an organ donation awareness initiative by Govindbhai C. Patel Foundation, which is supported by Ganesh Housing Corporation.  The organization works to dispel all the doubts and myths regarding organ and tissue donation, through awareness and educational campaigns.


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