Priyanka Chopra’s URMC Keynote Address on Organ Donation

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Priyanka Chopra: “Thank you to the URMC for inviting me here. I congratulate URMC’s, 20 years of the liver transplant program. I come from a family of doctors (parents, uncles, aunts) and the importance of medicine was told to me at a very young age and I value that. Thank you so much for you all do. It takes a lot of courage to be in the profession of medicine and I have learned that it is a selfless profession. It is not only about taking care of someone when they are sick but I think, to me, it is the second most important profession, I say, after God. You have the power to give someone life and this is from coming from someone who loves life. Even if it is helping someone to get rid of a tummy ache or doing a liver transplant.

Being a part of my Dad’s illness not just only taught me the value of life but also, to appreciate and value the profession you all here are in today. My Dad is my idol, someone whom I look up to for almost everything in life. The strength and resilience that he has shown through his illness shows me how every moment is important and how valuable it to donate an organ. You all are here since you understand the cause, however, in my other talks I put it to people that is a very personal experience. When I advocate for this cause most people don’t like talking about this, or they cringe at the thought of donating an organ of a loved one. Also, until my Dad’s illness I did not realize the value of donating an organ. You don’t realize its value until loved one needs it and when the loved one who needs it wishes there were more people donating their organs. There are so many people out there who might be eligible for organ donation as we speak.

Many in today’s generation may not realize that they are so venerable and when my friend received an organ she realized how grateful she was to someone who donated an organ to her and brought her to tears.

It is a very important cause for me and I try to advocate and talk as much as I can.

All of you have come here together, and to support such a valuable cause, we should give a round of applause (and I applaud you).

You read about transplant, see it in movies, and watch it on TV, but only until you go through it the value of it hits you. If you learn from someone’s experience, it is valuable what organ donation is rather than waiting for it to hit you.

I hope that when I die I can make a difference by donating my body.

We had so many options to go to anywhere in world, however, the kind of the best medical care, personal care that came from URMC doctors, nurses and staff was the best…and would like to applaud you all for that.

One of the actions that I have done and I seek you do is to be an organ donor. I am sure you will be proud of it all your life. You know that you would have taken care of so many lives. Donate your organs, tell people to donate their organs, be important and be a hero, I think it is the easiest way to be one.” Priyanka Chopra, organ donation, Dr. Chris Barry, bLifeNY, #WLY, transplantation, Bollywood

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I am a transplant surgeon, researcher, entrepreneur, and champion of organ donation awareness. I am particularly interested in liver cancer genomics, fatty liver disease, and saving lives through transplant and organ donation awareness.
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