Facebook and Organ Donation–Yay!

We are truly psyched here at bLifeNY.org that the good people at Facebook are encouraging its 900 million members to consider becoming organ donors. An article in today’s New York Times and an interview on ABC News with Mark Zuckerberg explain FB’s foray into social entrepreneurship by promoting organ donation awareness. This is a perfect vehicle for all of us to begin the conversation about organ donation and transplantation, learn more about what is exactly involved, and to start having thoughtful conversations with our friends and loved ones about the subject. Hopefully, many people will be moved to register their intentions to become an organ donor and thousands of lives can be saved or improved.

Remember the facts:

1. You can’t be too sick or too old to register to become an organ donor (the transplant professionals determine organ suitability when it’s time).

2. All religious traditions throughout the world support an individual’s decision to become a donor.

3. Health care professionals provide the same level of care to everyone, regardless of their organ donation status.

4. Organ donation is a gift. There are no costs associated with registering to become or being an organ donor.

5. The organ donation allocation process is inherently fair.

6. You need to enroll in your state organ donation registry and talk with your family and friends about your decision in order to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Think about it. Learn more. Talk to your friends and family. And if you really want to help make the world a better place, consider registering to become an organ donor (Donate Life America or go to the New York Donate Life Registry if you live in NY).

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About Chris Barry

I am a transplant surgeon, researcher, entrepreneur, and champion of organ donation awareness. I am particularly interested in liver cancer genomics, fatty liver disease, and saving lives through transplant and organ donation awareness.
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